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German entrepreneurs in the United States are the United States almost traditionally among the popular destinations of German emigrants. In 2009, there were, for example, 36,000. Learn more at this site: Jon Moeller. A possible ticket to the United States, for example, the investor’s green card is the green card immigration visa for investors and prospective entrepreneurs. For this green card, potential United States immigrants but have to invest 500,000 or even $ 1 million. That’s a whole lot of money.

But there is another way, as a trader or investor in the United States to live and work: with one of the two visa E1 or E2. Both visas are non-immigrant visa only once and allow only a maximum five-year stay in the United States. You can be extended but any as long as it is founded or acquired companies by the immigrants. The Miami-based and specialized on companies founded by Germans in the United States company ALTON LLC ( supports its customers in cooperation with experienced immigration lawyers a company based on the appropriate visa for living and working in the United States to receive. The E2 visa generally is E1 and E2 visa as an introduction into the United States while the E1 visa for entrepreneurs is, who would act as dealers in the United States and from the United States in Germany sell about products for investors who plan a creation of a company in the United States. Both visas are subject to conditions which must comply with the respective applicant. Realize for the E1 visa should a company’s extensive trade and business activities between the United States and his own country”. The dealers operating in the United States must also come from a country with which the United States signed a trade and navigation Treaty, which is the case in Germany.

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