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Driving VDOAM – 30 years of "work" for drivers. "Training Works VDOAM" – in the past non-state educational institution, its history of leading driving school in Central MGSA (Moscow City Union motorists), formed in 1975 by order of the City Council for the training of drivers of passenger cars (category "B"). For 30 years, our driving schools have received training and hundreds of thousands of Muscovites. Education (classical type) future drivers of category "B" being experienced teachers and trainers within 2 months of the program, approved by the Ministry of General and Professional Education Federation agreed with the traffic police, which also includes 32 hours of practical driving. Our driving schools are located in different districts of Moscow. Therefore, our driving school students do not have to travel to us through the city.

At any time have the opportunity to undergo training at the nearest branch – just at present there are 9 branches of a driving school. In driving school, students can purchase VDOAM theoretical knowledge and skills for driving driver's license category "B" (control of passenger vehicles, trucks with a permissible mass of up to 3,500 kg (gazelles) and mini-buses with the number of seats in addition to the driver's seat to no more than eight). Full course of traffic rules, basic safety, first aid in case of accident, the car unit. Classes are conducted by experts in their field specially designed visual benefits classes. Training is conducted in specially equipped vehicles of various models of experienced instructors at our training venues. Training is conducted at a convenient time for you. During the course practiced techniques: – the primary driving skills – elements for the exams in the traffic police – raising skill to drive in the real world of Moscow. The educational activities of our driving school is under License number 009 833, issued by the Moscow Committee of Education of the Government of Moscow.

In our training center opened a permanent consulting office, where anyone can get personal advice on all issues related to learning. Our driving school has modern facilities that classrooms are equipped for lessons to vehicles with road traffic regulations, the Safety traffic, first aid. Students are provided with a complete package of documents on completion of the registration of a driving school in the SAI, a medical board. After training and exams in our SAI students get driver's licenses of international standard.

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