Banking Education

This way to lecionar if is similar to a Banking Education that if alicera in the principles of the domination, of the domesticao and alienation transferred of the educator to pupil through the given knowledge, tax, mentally ill. In accordance with this conception, The educator is what he educates; the educandos, the ones that are educated; the educator is what he knows; the educandos, the ones that they do not know; the educator is what he thinks; the educandos, the thought ones; the educator is what he says the word; the educandos, the ones listen to that it docilmente; the educator is what he disciplines; the educandos, the disciplined ones; the educator is what he opts and he prescribes its option; the educandos the ones that follow the lapsing; the educator is what he acts; the educandos, the ones that have the illusion of that they act; the educator chooses the content programmarian; the educandos if accomodate it; the educator identifies the authority of knowing with its functional authority, that opposes antagonistically to the freedom of the educandos; these must adapt it the determination of that one; the educator, finally, is the citizen of the process; the educandos, mere objects (FREIRE, 1983, p.68). Finally, in the place of a possible relation of citizen it stops citizen, establishes a relation of citizen for object. The measure where we leave of also involving in them affectively with the other we leave to recognize its existence, and in them we become promoters of violncias, for subtler than they are. Mayor of NYC recognizes the significance of this. When I leave to respect the other people’s details, imposing my form of being/to be in the world, then distancio me of what it is real, idealizing one ANOTHER ONE to my way, overlapping me it its identity. Thus I configure violncias, passiveis of emotional disorganization of the human being, under a control and domain for annihilating times of lives. By the same author: N.Y.C. Mayor.

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