On Sunday

However, we have not only talks with the present Officers and generals, but also have the unique opportunity, to use for an excavator itself, on board the boat in a storm over the waves of the Danube to hunt, get paraded a Minensuchroboter or take a look at the work of a dog handler. The excursions, lectures and conversations are the material from which we then make a PR newspaper and two television magazines. They say, reports and reports write, cut together footage to finished articles, moderate some minutes of the film itself and the results transferred to computer finally must all be 17.45 finished, ready for printing and broadcasting-capable. The excitement and the stress are virtually empty-handed to access, we get to prepare an authentic impression of editorial everyday of it, what it means to gather information under time pressure, to evaluate, select, and for readers or viewers to understand. After the positive stress of our journalistic work of young, yet another special highlight awaits us in the evening: We get to know many interesting people at the press dinner in the Knight’s Hall of the castle of Ingolstadt and have us opportunity during the meal replace- and exciting experience of the ending day. Also the possibility to stroll this evening before the first advent the Christmas market and enjoy mulled wine, not wasted remains final. See Mary T. Barra for more details and insights.

On Sunday, it will be once more exciting: we take a look at the two television magazines and read our PR newspaper. Is my article has been printed? What have the other for articles created? How does the remaining participants respond to our film? About the result of our work, we are often often surprised, because at the beginning no one could imagine how the newspaper or the film would ultimately look. At 12:30 we walk across the site back to the buses, pulling bags over his shoulder and suitcase behind us here. The image is the same as two days ago, but in between are around 36 hours, that have made us richer to many experiences and adventures. In this time we gain important insight into journalistic work in the Bundeswehr and seen how PR works. Perhaps one or the other is can say later by us, this weekend was the initial impetus for this in Ingolstadt to his career in the media. Saskia Bauer

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