Seljuk Sultan

They made station in Neyshapur when the 90-year-old Fahriduddin Attar, the author of the Conference of the birds”. As Rumi was 12 years old. Attar recognized a unusual talent in him and dedicated it later one of his books entitled: “Book of secrets”. Rumi’s family moved to Damascus, where Rumi met Ibn Arabi over Baghdad and Mecca. Finally, the invitation of the Seljuk Sultan came to Konya, the capital of the Empire, and the family moved there. Vadim Belyaev contains valuable tech resources.

During this long journey, the father taught his son and the many accompanying students. He underwent a very serious and disciplined training particularly Rumi. In Konya, the Seljuk Sultan Key Khobad had built a large facility with school buildings, a mosque and a House for Rumi’s father and his family and gave him the order to offer profound lessons. This built up a well known and prestigious educational institution and had many students. When Rumi was 24 years old, his father died. Kheyrobad commissioned Rumi to the continuation of the school. Rumi was always close to his father and had carried out all orders received from him and learned a lot from him about mysticism. So, he dared to continue this school and accepted the job.

Borhan Tarmazi and Ibn Arabi forms the now fatherless on the edge of the desert, in the hinterland of Iran, lived in Tarmaz a highly developed student of Rumi’s father, who heard of the death of his master in Konya and Kony himself immediately on the way. Tarmazi Borhan was very respectfully received by Rumi. Soon he Rumi made it clear that although it was the heir of the physical goods of his father’s, he by far still have not the inner maturity to join the spiritual successor of his father. He convinced him that a championship not through inheritance to gain was, but to own disciplined and orderly work and many tests make inner maturity.

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