At the bottom, can it be used in thicknesses from 3 mm and can be processed both manually and mechanically. The PCI Nanocret R4 (so far Nanocret 50) suitable for repro filleting works is used in classic repaired reinforced concrete structures in industrial and residential construction. Through its resistance to sulfate PCI Nanocret R4 in the wastewater field is used and can be mechanically, quickly and smoothly but also by hand. Engineering works safe and durable system of bridges and engineering structures require repairs according to particular specifications. Specifically for this area, PCI offers the long proven PCI Peciment system with coordinated products. This gives construction professionals corrosion protection, bonding, repair mortars, plasters and surface protection system from a single source. In addition, the tested system is according to ZTV-ING certified and listed BASt.

To the PCI Peciment-system processing and weatherproof corrosion protection PCI-Legaran RP, the ready mortar adhesive bridge PCI Pecihaft with high bond strength, as well as repair mortar PCI Peciment 50, which is loss of arm, wear resistant and frost-proof and in addition is approved by a general building code test certificate for concrete repair of LAU systems. In addition, the PCI Peciment system is enhanced by the quick-setting concrete trowel PCI Nanocret FC, as well as the safe custody, water-repellent surface protection products PCI PolyFlex and PCI Betonfinisch W. These protect against humidity and pollutant Immissions plaster and concrete. PCI Repafast’s must go quickly for urgent repairs on concrete roadways and industrial space is usually very little time available. PCI solves this problem with the three new Repafast products. With them, all repairs can be performed quickly and easily traffic areas.

Additional products and primers are not necessary. So are the stable Schachtsetz and repair mortar PCI Repafast Tixo and running transport repair mortar PCI Repafast fluid one-component and be mixed only with water. The machined surfaces can be very timely again intensively used. The cementitious products can not influenced even by temperatures of up to-10 C and thus extend the season until the winter. Thus projects can be implemented quite independently as planned by the weather. The transport repair mortar PCI Repafast APS 40 defies even temperatures up to-25 C. Quick repairs are possible with the new repair mortar in the iciest environment of factories or repair work in cold stores. Also, PCI Repafast APS 40 is low odor and thus also suitable for use in the food industry.

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