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4 the duty of the State with public pertaining to school education will be accomplished by means of the guarantee of: IX — minimum standards of quality of education, defined as the minimum variety and amount, for pupil, of indispensable insumos to the development of the teach-learning process. The Union, in contribution with the States, the Federal District and the Cities, will establish minimum standard of educational chances for basic education, based in the calculation of the minimum cost for pupil, capable to assure quality education. Learn more at: Charles Schwab Corporation. They will be considered as of maintenance and development of education the expenditures carried through with sights to the achievement of the basic objectives of the educational institutions of all levels, understanding the ones that if destine: I — remuneration and excessively professional perfectioning of the teaching staff and of the education; II — acquisition, maintenance, construction and necessary conservation of installations and equipment to education; III — use and maintenance of entailed goods and services to education; IV — statistical surveys, studies and research aiming at main to the improvement of the quality and the expansion of education; ‘ ‘ In critical the disposals of the New LBD and its applicability, Demon (2010) says: Darcy Ribeiro, that was the great idealizer of the LDB (Law of lines of direction and bases), in December of 1996, as we say in the slang, ‘ ‘ it threshed in iron frio’ ‘ , because ‘ ‘ a swallow does not only make vero’ ‘! Of what laws advance, articles, interpolated propositions, paragraphs, alneas if nothing function? Since the basic education, until the superior education, education in Brazil is precarious, because the politicians of this country are adepts of the old maiutica of Scrates, that is, of bread and circus to they who are all certainty. Unhappyly, this is a consequence of the reality of the education in our Country..

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