Federal District

Recently I hospital on a trip with the Director and some of the most interesting people I’ve met have been companions in some flight of a renowned Mexican bank. Two women entrepreneurs were in the seats adjacent to the mine and talked about the traffic in the city of Mexico City where I lived about 11 years and where I have great friends and beautiful memories. They talked and laughed at how to handle in the city, distances, traffic jams and the constant sound of the Horn by all sides. I understand well who spoke and couldn’t help smiling while I ducked to save my computer and listened to the conversation. I smiled remembering myself desperate amid the traffic when the path to the Office, which should really take me fifteen minutes became occasions on a journey of about two hours. To myself I thought that living in a city such as the Federal District and complain about the traffic is akin to being in a restaurant and complaining to the waiter to bring exactly what was ordered. Who choose to live there know that you along with the many wonders and environments that the city offers, there is also a situation complicated as soon as a vialidad refers.

I turned back and I included me in the conversation. For a while we continue talking about traffic, pollution, vitality and unceasing in the DF activity. When we started to talk about our activities and I knew the occupation of one of my fellow flight, could not resist the temptation to ask the opinion of a banker on the theme of fashion: the global economic crisis. I knew he was playing sensitive veins, but some time ago I decided to be more open with myself and ask openly when required or feel that you need to say something honestly. The first to react to the change of topic was my other companion.

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