Process Surgery

Do you suffer from problems of obesity? Don’t worry more! I must tell you that you’re still in time to take the decision that will change your life: you undergo gastric sleeve surgery. Do not be afraid! The gastric sleeve surgery, is a procedure much simpler than any other; the recovery of this operation is much faster than you think, with 7 days of rest and hospitalization 2 can return to continue your daily activities. Once the operation is complete, you can still eat any type of food; only you automatically will do in smaller amounts, since the operation will reduce the size of your stomach and so, you saciara with less and more soon. . Read more here: kitchens. The gastric sleeve is a surgical procedure where divides the stomach; This way greatly reduces the capacity of the same. Like all others, gastric sleeve surgery by 40% decreases the mortality of persons who suffer from obesity.

It is time that you see for you and your health and do something that will improve your health and your self-esteem. The gastric sleeve is a surgery that gives you the guarantee of solve your problem of obesity. I invite you therefore to that take the decision you will not regret! A. Verastegui hold.

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