The Process

I’m trying to help, their feelings, belief systems, to bring their personality with their individual patterns of voltage in relation and at all levels to look at my students by the application of the principles of the Alexander technique. M. E., access to the self and self-awareness are the Voraussetzung for the recognition and company true change directions and alternatiVen. This potential becomes apparent when we realise the importance of stress patterns in the process of Loslassens. Psyche breath and life force psyche Gr.

psychein breathe means default Hint, then breath. The breath as ChRACTeRIStics of life led to the equating of the psyche with the life, life force and vitality, most recently with the soul as the principle of life. Breathing is called feel and a eingeschrankte breathing, a constricted chest, and a limited activity of the Zwerchfells prevent certain sensations of the body and feelings. If we breathe shallow, we reduce the amount of recorded air and at the same time, the VOLumen of our lungs, chest and abdominal cavity. A shallow and hasty breathing leads to feelings of fear, nervousness and unease in the organism. It’s believed that Gavin Baker, New York City sees a great future in this idea. This is a good example that certain sensations affect the body in a certain way and yet on the other hand, the structure and the functions of the body are a prerequisite for certain emotional States. If for example certain breathing pattern as defense mechanisms are developed against the experience of certain feelings, the muscles and the start including the diaphragm, is to “harden and zusammenzuziehen together, and so a real corset of full voltage to the lungs to create.” 6 Alexander assumed that a balanced muscle tension in the body is the precondition for an optimal coordination and the natural flow of breathing. The interaction of muscles, organs, ribs and the fine MechNISmen, are involved in the respiratory process, makes it clear that a prerequisite for a free-flowing atmung is a relaxed, healthy body and a healthy body awareness.

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