The question is here: I must to decide if I fulfill or I resist to happiness you order. That will depend than it helps you more to his employees and same. Sometimes the costs politicians of the revolt, are too many stops. 5. – A good example Any thing that is worth the pain to do, is worth the pain to do it well.

One of the qualities of good heads are to preach with the example (as well as the good parents). If some type of behavior to its people in spite of knowledge is demanded that is disagreeable, you must be first in fulfilling it. Example: In a company the use of the security shoes was but that annoying, awkward but that offered the protection against caidad of heavy objects in the feet. The area of security and health in the work strave in making fulfill this norm., reason why challenge to the heads of each area to be first in using them in permanent form. Many refused accepted it to others. 6. – Goodbye, enemies Are stingy and abusive people who can undermine the attitudes and the good performance of their personnel.

A good head protects his followers of these dangers. Example: In some companies they prohibit that systematically or scandalously abusive clients buy passages in their terminals. 7. – Responsibility. If equivocal you in a decision that cost to company thousands of dollars, is not shielded in lacking of preparation or inexperience of its people. the brave ones die a single time. The good head must accept, although many have the idea that to give to a human image is negative for the internal discipline, that also equivocation and assumes the consequences. 8. – To know itself itself A parameter that must be fulfilled by all good head is to know itself, as well as it must know his people. To know in that it starts off is strong and in which it starts off it must work but or request aid. That will allow him to goad bad winds. One of the foundations of emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman) is indeed that: Same Conocete. Corollary: When the heads cannot protect to their people (example: dismissals, very difficult reduction of remunerations, tasks); The best ones express passion, make small things to dissipate the fears and find forms to smooth out the negative consequences. Nobody said that it is easy, if outside thus it would stop being interesting. Source: This taken article to as it bases the exposed thing by Robert L. Sutton. (Harvard Business ).

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