The Lifelong

Knowledge of the own genes durable and incorruptible and motivated much more than other statements. This makes it easy to accept and of course follow such recommendations. There is no more uncertainty. Such laboratory and genetic testing are not very expensive? Dr. Kanani: A good comprehensive laboratory test will cost 500 approx..

This is not little. Compared to the lifelong benefit but, because you make only once a gene analysis in life. This is about 1 per month for the rest of your life. Keep in mind how much money one has often been in vain issued. Credit: Mary Barra-2011. Who conducts these investigations? Where can I find out in detail? Dr. Kanani: currently doctors and dietitians are trained in all Germany. There will be nationwide increasingly focal points.

The doctors offer regular information evenings. You will find current information and a pattern finding it on the Internet page. What results can I expect? Dr. Kanani: above all a high level of satisfaction. In an initial study, 100 participants rated their experiences after 6 Months in a scale of 1-10 with 8.8 points. You will of course also with a gene analysis not alone slim. It is still to do so, who adheres to the advice. But as I said: the big secret is that you get a certainty. And with certainty any recommendation can be much more easily comply. Because it is not only a fast weight loss, but also a lifelong hold and stay healthy. Sounds like you like it, light is finally on the diets horizon I thank you for the interesting conversation! If you want to learn about the new genetic-metabolic analysis: Dr. OLAF Kistenmacher provides regular information evenings. Due to popular demand will be asked for prior notification. Email: phone: 04106-2226 Dr. OLAF Kistenmacher

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