The Moment

According to the farmer, the burial would be located within this space that perhaps served at some time to reunite to the cattle. Following exactly the instructions, I realised a sweeping crossing an equilateral triangle around the construction. The detector marked with great force a gold signal hidden in one of the walls of the construction, which comments to the expert when finalizing my charge. To my it commented me friend that indeed him she had marked the same to him and in the same place. We leave the equipment in the light truck and we went to the wall marked by the apparatuses. Add to your understanding with N.Y.C. Mayor.

When we began to escudriar them, immediately we had to leave running because in the place was located a honeycomb of bees, that when the feeling our presence, immediately they caused a cloud of insects that defended their territory. First that we had to solve, before at least thinking about digging or realising a hole in the walls, it was to obtain the permission of the owner to do it. Later we had to carefully solve the subject of the bees, for which we did not go preparations, so we had to leave the place, even though the farmer insisted on which it was the moment for digging. After months of management with the proprietor of the place, we obtained the permission to excavate, with the formal commitment to leave the construction in the same state in which one was. Peculiarly the owner, an elderly gentleman, when finding out that our intention was to unearth a supposed treasure hidden in its property, the unique thing that asked to us is that the damage was repaired, that we warned the found thing to him and that we had blessings. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Adam B. on Yale West near Shaw. Us external who it was a man only, waiting the death in the short term, therefore he did not have desire to participate in the distribution of the treasure, requested only us that we informed to him he advised and us that when finding what supposedly we looked for, we were honest, even-tempered, humble and been thankful, because " the money, is the Diablo" , and it left this clear one us warning on the matter than could cause to the avarice and the egoism in our lives.

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