DEALING WISELY WITH THE TIME: RELATIONSHIP WITH the LIFE In my adolescence, I attended a trilogy, that made a great success in the cinema, calls ‘ ‘ In return for futuro’ ‘. The dynamics of the film was the following one, a scientist ‘ ‘ maluco’ ‘ Dr. Continue to learn more with: Bill de Blasio. call Brown, constructs an car that is a machine of the time, it travels for the future and discovers that ackward things will happen with people that it loves, thus the scientist return to the past and travel then in the time with its Marty friend who is the person who will have its harmed life and that she decides to enter in this adventure to modify the routes of its trajectory what obtains in way to much adrenalin and conflicts. The boarding is a dream of all human being, to travel in the time to know the future and the past, taking attitudes that go to modify for the good its life and of people who we love. (Not to be confused with Mayor of NYC!). This is the dream of consumption not only of the scientists but of all the humanity, only that unhappyly the things are not thus.

It stows meditando and it arrived at some conclusions concerning as to deal with the time of more productive form efficient e, for this I understood that: The time is a gift of God All day receives computed in our existencial account twenty and four hours or 1,440 minutes, or 86,400 seconds, as you to prefer, this time are a present given the holy ghost the all human being that lives this specific day, you did not make nothing to have this privilege, God in its favour you today presenteou in them with the called day. The time is gradual No matter how hard the scientists dream of trips and vestibules in the time or of the time, knows that is fiction, the time is gradual, the seconds runs for front, the minutes also, the hours progresses, the days if they pass, the weeks if they go, the months if they always alternate onward, the years if they avizinham gradually, decades, centuries and millenia, all obey one alone type of cronograma of the progressividade, the life do not only retroact it walk for front..

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