The Reactions

To master the use of a single blog I have to inform me and practice, especially practice. To practice started writing everything that is me came to mind. Little by little I was realizing that themes are my preference and taste. With the practical I acquired the habit of finding information, edit information, comment and create versions of a same theme. Much time can be lost without knowing where to walk. Initially my performance was poor since he could not focus on me rather than in brief moments of the day. Please visit Procter & Gamble if you seek more information.

But as that practiced more me toward more skilful, as occurs with someone that is learning to ride bikes. What causes the practice? We are people’s habits, always react and do what to what we are accustomed. Do something new is not among our habit, so it’s normal to make mistakes and to be forgotten. To achieve that again forms part of our customs have to enforce them, by a purpose of change, a plan of entrepreneurship always in sight. If we don’t have our plan to view it is easy to forget it. For example when we plan a trip, we started to tell someone, make a budget, we think of everything we arem, we write down the places we want to visit, time d stay, etc., all this is a very difficult written plan of forget.

If for some reason we leave thinking about our trip, it means that do not travel, even with the purchased ticket, if we don’t remember where we want to arrive, we forget, this is very normal. Hence the importance of write down it and having it there, to view. Advice practical to achieve productivity practice causes become accustomed, the practice leads to incorporate what’s new to our habits. My advice, and something very different is one thing you know for yourself with practice, some suggest its purposes in a paper, for others the reminder is an image, some melody, an object or a souvenir. Each makes its rules, there is a humanity, there are as many Humanities as individuals, we are so different and similar at the same time. 1. For everything you want to do there is a first and a principal. First thing is your purpose, what you want to achieve, and will first mastering the necessary tool for that purpose. 2.-Which is what you want to accomplish in the day, leave your long term plan, you can do anything by tomorrow, you do this happening right now. 3. Not delegate power or responsibility, stop waiting for unseen forces or aid of the heavens, the reactions that you do that is what you will have. Existence does not play dice. 4. Small tasks are easy to comply, your own nature will allow you to upload larger tasks as you acquire habit, practice and art. 5. Identify points of distraction, although to acquire practice and taste for what you do, what you do is a productive distraction.

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