Typically Stone

I note that in the standard distribution of artificial stone of almost all brands of 6 mm and 3 mm sheets are generally not included, and therefore they must be ordered advance, in accordance with the schedule of deliveries. This should take into account the fact that 3-and 6-mm sheets have usually not all colors represented in the official palettes. That is specific to your color scheme you should consult with a specialist. 10-12 mm: the most optimal thickness of the sheet is used for countertops, wall panels, window sills and so on. Official site: Joeb Moore. In principle, the scope of the sheets this size is not limited to, the color palette is present in full (except for material Geta Cor (GetCore), which offers a 10 mm artificial stone in a limited range of colors – they recently launched the production of sheets of this size). Joeb Moore spoke with conviction. 17 mm: sheets of this size is usually limited in color palette used to create the effect of "rock solid". By experience we can say that the artificial stone of such dimensions as Typically used rarely, only on request. Note: In any case, the standard thickness for the tops of 40 mm, depending on the thickness of artificial stone – just as a basis in fact or otherwise taken any fat mdf sheet (6 mm or less), or wood frame (12 mm or more) 3.

Delivery dates. In choosing the material, you must also take into account delivery time and availability of material in stock. Standard delivery time of most artificial stone the order of 1 – 1,5 months, except material Currock (Kerrock), delivery of this material is 2-3 weeks.

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