Veneer Room

Among other differences, the dressing room – it is such a case, in which you always can walk, surveying his untold riches. constructive question possible by a design project of this important room, and you can use the services of professionals (furniture company, "VECO-Array ') that the choice of offer several options depending on your requirements. Number of shelves, drawers, racks, floor space, pull out the elements – all these will form an image of your wardrobe, its degree of functionality and convenience. So, clothes hangers. Usually they come in two types: longitudinal – to cabinet depth of at least 60 cm, and the end – for enclosures less than 60 cm in the dressing room more often use the socket, the function of extension which lets you clean the interior cabinet For example, winter or three-dimensional things.

Among other things, end racks are very convenient when the closet is narrow, and occupies a niche in the room. If you allow the ceilings in the house can accommodate several rows of racks with the function of the elevator (so called pantographs) for access to clothing that is stored in the upper part of the room – saving space is available. partitioning give broad expanse Fantasy designers. Combining different materials makes it possible to create very interesting interior objects. Using different variants glass, rattan, bamboo, leather, chipboard, Mirror, Veneer, you can get very special project. truth should be aware that may be partitions themselves hard enough. Hangers – this is almost the only common parts for all wardrobes.

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