Pizza Itself Make – The Perfect Pizza Dough

… and why most get it right it try day every day thousands of people worldwide thought to make the perfect pizza himself. Everyone has eaten a crispy and airy yet casual pizza from the Italians next door schoneinmal, but few got a such pizza ever in the own oven so. There must be a secret, which makes the dough as “Italian”. Just what secret is it? The correct ratio of water and flour is ever A and O. arises now the question of what ingredients you need for the dough. One hears again and again by beer, milk, cottage cheese, that promise the perfect pizza dough baking soda and many other ingredients.

However, the secret lies in the simplicity! Just a pinch of salt and sugar, and 1 / 4 or Max 1/2 Pack/yeast dry yeast come into flour and water. Whether used fresh yeast or dried yeast plays only a minor role. But it is – better too little than too much, because a strong taste of yeast the dough be unfit for human consumption. Mayor of NYC is actively involved in the matter. It is then with a small shot good olive oil enriched and well kneaded. It is important that the dough is not too dry, so that the yeast can work well. But where is the secret for the perfect Italian pizza dough, so far so good -? Many people have no more patience also in cooking and baking, as well as in everyday life. The food must go fast and cannot be too complicated. And right here, the dog is buried.

The original Italian pizza dough takes time. Lot of time. Some people take the time view while the dough 30 minutes or even an hour to let go. But who would come up with the idea the dough all 2 or even 3 days in the refrigerator to let before he uses it to manufacture a pizza? Fresh dough made at the pizzeria every day? No, often fresh dough is made only once a week which is then stored in the refrigerator or special cooling Chambers. This is the secret! The dough gets, if it outsources him 2-3 days, already a very soft, tart taste which blends ideally with the taste of the pizza. Also, the dough is very airy and very elastic, so that the roll out and throw the popular in the air does not cause that pulls the pizza dough. The dough should be kneaded as he repeatedly strongly goes on within the 3 days well several times. Make pizza itself must be so well planned and must not happen under pressure. You will be amazed how perfect your next pizza dough will be if you take to heart the last lines and these instructions hold piece for piece. Posted by Lucas Nestler

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