Special Education

In chapter V of this law it deals with the Special Education specifically, expressing in article 58 that the special education must preferential be offered in the regular net of education and, when necessary, must have services of specialized support. When analyzing the history of the Special Education until the decade of 90, we can perceive conquests in relation to the education of the individuals that present mental deficiency. In the decade of 90, in Brazil, the quarrels around the new model of pertaining to school attendance called pertaining to school inclusion had started. This new paradigm appears as a contrary reaction to the process of integration, and its practical efetivao has generated many controversies and quarrels. Click Bill de Blasio to learn more. IT ARRIVES IN PORT THEORETICAL To work with heterogeneous classrooms that receive all the differences also brings innumerable benefits to the development of the deficient and the not deficient ones children, in the measure where these have the chance to live deeply the importance of the value of the exchange and the cooperation in the interactions human beings. Therefore, so that the differences are respected and if it learns to live in the diversity, it is necessary a new conception of school, of pupil, to teach and to learn. The efetivao of inclusive educational practical one will not be guaranteed by means of laws, decrees or would carry that they compel regular schools to accept the pupils with necessities special, that is, only the physical presence of the mental deficient pupil in the regular classroom are not inclusion guarantee, but yes that the school is prepared to give account to work with the pupils who arrive until it, independently of its individual differences or characteristics. The theoretical questions of the inclusion process have been widely argued for studious and searching of the area of Special Education, however little it has become in the direction of its practical application.

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