The Process

Everything is started of the zero, or almost zero, to each year. The appropriation of the experience for socialization does not occur. Dominated knowledge and practical lived deeply are not consolidated and they do not enter in action. (CERVI: 2008, P. 146) the daily one of classroom in the direction supplied for Cervi (2008) how much to the mentality of what it was developed in the institution of more lasting form, can in them leave the understanding of that the register written in the school is half essential of rescue of what already starting point for what happened and will happen, in a clipping possibility and not of transcription on the educational reality. It happens from there, that the daily one of classroom in such a way serves as starting point for analyses as point of fond for innovations that if to make necessary, having carried through previous a disgnostic evaluation of the necessities inside of the pedagogical work to be traced. 4.A daily pertaining to school evaluation in of classroom Visiting daily of classroom of different natures and requirements, we perceive that the question of the evaluation pertaining to school is one in such a way relegated as the plain one. We observe that e, mainly the evaluation pedagogical-didactics rare is registered in the daily one of classroom. We have of pontuar some problematic ones in order to esmiuar, to detail with bigger emphasis the evaluations pedagogical-didactics and disgnostic of the process teach-learning in this instrument of so valuable register: Of that it forms and with which dividing line is registered the pertaining to school evaluation in the daily one of classroom? Why? Which the intention, that identifies the vision of implicit pedagogical science, to organize the register of this form? It is if taking in seen consideration teaching evaluating and evaluating teaching in the daily ones of classroom? Of that it forms the daily one of classroom reveals precious in the memory of the extracurricular activities? For the developed experience, one notices that in daily of classroom of the professors of U.E.B.

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